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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting what you want with all you've got

Ok ok....Anyone who is as bookworm as me will realize that the title above comes from a book by Jay Abraham. A marketing expert in the states. But I am not promoting his book here.

I have observe that in recently, more and more posts talk about 'what we want' 'how to retire early' etc. But none talked about how to get there. So I might as well join in the hype. Below is what I believe and personally have tested method in the 'how' of achieving anything you want....

Goal - Identify what you truely want to achieve. By identifying I actually mean be specific. Alot of times, when asked what we want in life, our ans will be..."be happy lor", 'be rich or have alot of $$$"

What is 'happy'? how can you define happy? and what is rich? too vauge a goal doesnt make it a goal...its juz mere wishes.

An example of a goal will be "I want to earn $300k per annum by XXXX yr" or "I want to improve my relationship with my family in XXX months"......

Plan - This is where people lost their sign of ambition. They never write it down and think of a plan of achieving what they want. Please....if you really need to achieve the goal, the first action is to write it down.

Have a word doc of your lists of goals and put a date beside it. Then open another word doc and work out the plan on achieving each and every goal...

I have 2 big goals in life and 24 small goals.....I have plans for the 2 big biggy and will slowly take my time to plan on achieving small goals....

List it down and create a plan of action.

Visualizing - There is a vid and a book called 'The Secret'...Its based on the principle of Law of Attraction. What it simply means is that 'You become what you think of most of the time'. I have tested it and it works.

Look back at your goals, close your eyes and 'see' yourself already achieving them. 'look' around the enviroment where you acheive them. What does it feels like after you acheive your goal?

I use this techinique everyday when I am on my way to work, I 'see' myself talking to a crowd. (that was when i have not joined TMC). The day did come when I finally stand in front of the crowd.

This is not a one off thing. You need to repeat that scene every day to make it work.

Doing - The source of success is in the doing. You muz do something to get something. Pay the price of work so as to reap the benefits of success.

After all the planning and visualizing, still got to work for it. But now, you know what you are working for.

Embracing - Embrace small little achievements along the way. Celebrate and be happy about it. Your confidence will grow and you will eventually be larger than life.

Recommendation: Read your list of goals at least once a day....Do make it a point to alter your plans from time to time...but never shift your goal....

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